Kitchen appliances manufacturer

We have over 70 years of experience in the industry and offer an extensive selection of products, which makes us one of the largest kitchen appliance manufacturers in Europe. We know that home appliances are an investment for years to come, which is why Amica kitchen appliances are made from some of the finest materials and using modern manufacturing methods. Moreover, the manufacturer strives for making high-quality products, which are not only very durable, but also useful and aesthetically pleasing. No matter whether you have a built-in or an integrated kitchen, the innovative design and the large choice of products make them the right fit for your home.

Our products are tested by ordinary people. With their help, we keep improving our devices and making them even better while maintaining competitive prices. Learn more about Amica and find out why you should trust the European manufacturer.

Amica - the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe

We supply a large variety of products, such as cookers and ovens, induction and gas hobs, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, microwaves, hoods and wine coolers. Our products are used every day in many homes throughout the whole Europe. They are the right fit for those who can spend long hours working on their next signature dish, as well as for those who can only boil water for some tea. Pick our devices and take the hassle out of food preparation.

We make more than one and a half million freestanding cookers and ovens annually. Our high-end kitchen appliances are available in a variety of models which combine functionality with high aesthetics. You can pick the one that best suits your needs, your family’s lifestyle, and the overall look of your kitchen, no matter whether it’s a new or remodelled kitchen. We use the experience of our international partners to create perfectly tailored products. Thanks to this, our collection consists of some chef-inspired, professional-style devices, as well as sleek and more traditional products. Check out our whole collection and discover Amica products for your home.

Manufacturer of home appliances – a smart choice for your house

We know well that all of us are pretty busy these days and saving time has become a priority for many people. If you want to make your life easier, choose Amica. With our cookers and ovens, you can save plenty of time that you can spend with your loved ones. Moreover, our kitchen appliances are equipped with a lot of innovative functions. As a result of advanced technology, we make your home chores easier than ever.

Thanks to a vast experience in the industry, we’ve gained the trust and loyalty of many customers throughout Europe. In our collection you will find everything you could possibly need to make chores around the house quick and easy. We develop useful solutions that come in handy in the everyday life of many homeowners across Europe. Whatever your needs, choose Amica and buy some of the best products for your house at reasonable prices.