Not only for connoisseurs

Do you sometimes feel like having a rest? Well, the wine does too. If we could only stop disturbing it, and instead leave it in quiet and stable conditions, then it can mature slowly until the day it can pay us back handsomely.

Amica VinoOptima System

Electronic temperature control

Adjusted to the type of wine.
Keep your wine in optimum storage conditions, depending on the type of this noble drink. Amica wine coolers provide precise electronic temperature control in separate cooling zones. Red, white, or sparkling wine? It will always be waiting properly cooled for the right opportunity to uncork it.

Optimum Humidity

Sealed cork with an aesthetic look during storage.
With a relative humidity always between 50% and 75%, natural bottle corks remain sealed, without the label peeling or staining. Of course it means the wine keeps its unique bouquet.

UV Protection

Safe light.
The dark-tinted UV-glass in the door and the internal LED lamps maintain the right wine bouquet.

Amica ComfortUse System

Reversible Door

No matter what side its on, it’s always convenient!
For both the lefties and the righties. The door can be set to open to the left or the right, and reversed when placing the wine cooler in a new setting.

Quiet Operation

Peace and quiet.
Is that wine cooler even there? It should not bother us during our leisure time in the kitchen or in the living room. Until we feels like a glass of wine...

Wooden Shelves

Go with stylish convenience.
Wooden shelves cancel out vibrations that harm proper maturation of wine, while adding a refined touch to the appliance and the room. Details matter, you know.

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