Discover an innovative X-type line

X-type is a new line of household appliances from Amica. Innovative design and construction are the answer to our clients’ needs and expectations. It is practical,very intuitive and gives many convenient solutions that help in everyday life, so you can save as much time as possible while using it.

BakingPro System®

Even baking and roasting on many oven levels

Precise heat distribution!
The revised oven design provides a perfectly uniform distribution of heat throughout the oven cavity. We can now make a large number of pastries, and be sure that they will be evenly brown and cooked. Make over 100 muffins at the same time! It is also easy to dry fruits and mushrooms.

Stable temperature

Sensitive pastry that’s always perfect.
The temperature is held at a stable level throughout the oven cavity. Rest assured, even the most demanding meals (like soufflés) will be perfect.

3-minute preheating

The oven that’s at the correct temperature right away.
Save time. The oven reaches 150°C in just 3 minutes, which makes it the fastest performer on the market. The perfect thing for those short on time or very hungry.

XXL capacity: 77 litre + large baking tins

The largest oven on the market.
The huge, 77-litre oven sorts out a big turkey for the family dinner. Not only is the oven big. The baking tins are 7% larger than before, cooking more at the same time.

Steam System™


An oven that runs full steam!
Cooking with steam is easier than ever! FullSteam makes the baked food puffier, bread with a better crust, and the meat juicy and flavoursome, and wholesome too. The steam generator injects steam at the right dosage. The steam is distributed uniformly throughout the oven.
Preset baking programmes
The preset steam cooking programmes designed by professional chefs will suggest the perfect cooking settings for the food. Making a healthy meal has never been easier! To cook a tasty and wholesome meal, just add water to the water container in the oven and choose one of the steam programmes.


Pies and cakes just like from a bakery and the bread... even betterthan from a baker's!
SoftSteam is cooking with rising steam to help your food look and taste great every time. Just add some water to the water tray at the bottom of the oven. The rising steam helps the bread dough rise better and more uniformly with an improved puffy texture and without any risk of becoming too dry or cracking. SoftSteam is just as perfect for heating other meal types and keeps them juicy.

Clean System

Pyrolytic Cleaning

The oven that cleans itself!
The oven that cleans itself automatically! No detergents, no high effort, and no extra costs required. And no safety precautions at that, since the oven door features special protection against burns. Clean System is a programme which burns away dirt and grime to ash at 480°C. All you need to do afterwards is to sweep the oven clean.

Catalytic Cleaning

It’s easy and convenient!
The side and back walls inside the oven feature square panels with a porous coating. The coating breaks down fat and grime. Just one hour at 250°C is enough for the panels to be clean again!


Eliminates bad smells!
The particles and fat that cause bad smells are burned away in the flue gas duct already during baking and at 600°C. No more burnt smell all around the house.

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