Discover an innovative X-type line

X-type is a new line of household appliances from Amica. Innovative design and construction are the answer to our clients’ needs and expectations. It is practical,very intuitive and gives many convenient solutions that help in everyday life, so you can save as much time as possible while using it.

SmartHob System


Put it on and cook!
Put the pan on the hob and let the hob do the rest. The hob activates the heating zone precisely under the pan. All we have to do is cook, nothing else.


Heating zones that merge... on their own!
Automation means convenient living! The hob detects what area a pot or pan is on and activate the heating zones as required to cover the bottom, even if it’s beneath a very large pot or casserole pan.


Always know which heating zone is on.
The LEDs around the heating zones come on with the zones. It’s easy to see which one is in use. Stylish, elegant and safer.


Now every pan fits the hob!
Unlike traditional round ones, square heating zones mean more space for the pots and pans and a higher heat power output. A larger heating surface means more creativity in cooking!

EasyUse System

3 preset programmes

Living without a care in... the kitchen!
3 automatic setting levels that come in very handy when cooking the most popular food. 42°C is perfect for melting butter and chocolate, 70°C is great for heating up soups and sauces, and 94°C is for cooking pasta and rice.


4 heating zones? 4 control panels!
Immediately set and adjust the heating power of every heating zone with its dedicated control panel. Nothing is going to boil over or get burned and stick, because you can prevent it in time!


Water brought to the boil in 3 minutes!
Unlimited power! For healthy and fast cooking! Higher power output means fast cooking with more nutrients retained. Water is brought to the boil in less than 3 minutes.

ProBaby System

Cold to touch heating

Reduces the risk of burns.
An induction hob uses no hot parts to heat food. The pot or pan gets hot, but not the hob surface. It takes a long time for a hot pot or pan to conduct the heat back into the hob, which remains much cooler than a standard electric hob.


Warm and hot zone indicator.
Warm and hot zone indicator. Shows that the induction zone is still hot when a pot or pan is removed. The control panel shows “H” when the temperature is above 60°C. The small “h” is displayed when the temperature is between 45 and 60°C.


Children won’t activate anything dangerous when trying to ’play’ with the appliance.
Turn on the control panel child lock to prevent curious kids from operating or resetting the hob. Risks of hazard, minimised.

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