Refrigerators that don't waste any food

We've had enough of food going to waste! Refrigerators were invented to extend the shelf life of food to the maximum. The dedicated functions of Amica refrigerators maximise the storage life, expecially when it comes to perishables: fruits, vegetables, meat or fish.

SpaceManagement System

Colour-coded drawers

Convenience at a glance!
Open the freezer to know what’s where. Each colour has a unique colour code and symbol of use. Use the grey drawer for frozen fruit and vegetables or icecream. Use the graphite drawer for frozen dumplings, French fries, pizza and bread. Use the red drawer to store meat and fish.

Wine & Cheese board

Served straight from the fridge!
The double-sided bamboo wood board is for wine. Flip it over to store cheese and cured meats. No need to move anything onto a plate to serve. The neat wooden finish looks just right on the table.


Anything you want, it’s there, fresh and ready for taking.
Small products, like snacks, baby food, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics are hard to find when kept loose in the vast space of the cooler. Now we can keep these in a special movable box with a tilt-open lid!


Moving shelves to manage storage space with ease!
Let’s have room the way we want it to be! We can reposition, add or remove the shelves as we need. More space with Flex-ible Shelving. Now everything fits!

Bottle Shelf

The bottles are not at risk of rolling and falling out.
The Bottle Shelf is designed to hold to bottles and secure them in place while optimising the cooler space management. The Bottle Shelf can be removed from the fridge when not needed. No more stuffing bottles in and dreading opening the door.

Convenience and saving


Elegant and highly functional controls.
Intuitive and easy to use, the touch-sensor control panel enables precise temperature settings. It is easy to set the temperature separately for the cooler and the freezer. Operation of other fridge features is equally convenient, stylish and ergonomic.

Super cooling

Cool down more at the same time, and faster.
Having guests? Need to cool down more food than usual? The shorter the cooling process, the longer the products stay fresh and nutritious. On top of that, the power bills won’t get too high.

Super freezing

Freeze more and faster.
Better convenience, healthier food and lower bills: Super Freezing prepares the freezer to bring the temperature fast, even if there is a lot of food inside. This ensures with the best quality of your food retained.

A++ energy rating

Savings come with every second.
A refrigerator must run around the clock, without fail. An A++ fridge reduces energy consumption by 21% when compared to A+ refrigerators.

Fresh System

FreshOn activated carbon filter

No ethylene gas means no spoiled food!
When kept in a sealed fridge, fruits and vegetables emit ethylene gas as they age. Ethylene gas is “the ageing hormone”. Kept sealed in the appliance, it accelerates staleness. The FreshOn filter removes ethylene gas to maximise the shelf life and prevent food waste.

VitControl/VitControl Plus box

Fruits and vegetables that stay fresh up to 3 times longer!
The VitControl box can have humidity levels adjusted to maximise the storage life of specific products. Not everyone knows that vegetables require higher humidity than fruits. The fridge models with VitControl Plus expand the functionality of the box with a tray that prevents sticking of the products to the box bottom.

FreshZone containers

For meat and fish lovers! And now, nothing’s going to waste.
The container maintains temperature at 0-3⁰C, which is perfect for extremely perishable products. Products retain taste, smell and nutritional values for longer!


Constant air circulation.
Which shelf has the best conditions for storing the products? Any shelf. AirFlow maintains a steady stream of air in circulation to maintain the same temperature across the internal volume. No more food frozen to the back wall, and the products stay fresh longer.

VitBlue Light

Longer freshness of fruits and veg.
The VitBlue Light LED module casts light at a wavelength just right to significantly extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables kept in the VitControl container. The fruits and vegs won’t become stale too soon or go to waste.

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