Smart and easy to use dishwashers

Dishwashers are built for our convenience, not to obstruct us. The smart solutions in our dishwashers guarantee perfect dishwashing results with just a minimum of intervention, including automatic selection of the temperature and water volume required to remove the grime.

High efficiency


Even better washing of all dishes in the load.
Be gone, you pesky dishes and your persistent spots left on hard to reach surfaces. The innovative WaterSpinner spray arm improves dishwashing performance by up to 27% when compared to similar appliances, leaving each and every pot, pan, and dish shiny and clean.


The dishwasher does a good job washing, but why do we still have to wipe the dishes dry?
Oh, no, no, no. The air fan system forces the air to circulate inside the dishwasher, leaving the dishes perfectly dry, even with lowtemperature programmes.

Hygiene programme

Are you an allergy sufferer? Do you have small children?
The load will be almost antiseptic when removed after dishwasing if the Hygiene 70°C programme is used! The higher temperature successfully removes all microbes and germs! All our dishes are clean, even under the lens of a microscope! That’s hygiene to the max!

Auto cleaning

Who likes washing the dishwasher?
With the special programme for care and cleaning of the dishwasher, you save both time and energy. The high temperature of water and spinning jets carefully wash all nooks and corners inside to make the dishwasher fresh and clean again. This helps it last longer too.

Economical and quiet

A+++ energy rating

Lower power bills and environmental footprint.
Choosing the right energy rating means choosing great savings. A dishwasher with a higher rating can provide up to 59 more washing cycles per annum at the same cost!


Full performance with half loads.
It comes in handy with the dishes loaded in the bottom or middle basket. The dishes can be washed even if only one basket is full. This provides real energy and money savings.

LogicDrive motor

Better precision, lower noise, bigger savings!
State of the art technology guarantees effective operation. Thanks to innovative solutions, the motor operates more quietly, and it has a longer life span.

Space management

MaxiSpace 3

Faster cutlery unloading means less time spent in the kitchen.
The traditional cutlery basket is replaced with a separate top drawer for better space management. It increases the holding capacity of the dishwasher, making handling cutlery and tall glasses simple!

Safe wine glass washing

Don’t worry about fragile glass.
The dishwasher baskets feature special silicone rubber lined holders to safely keep the wine glasses away from one another and to minimise any movement. A special basket is added for the safe washing of wine glasses. Now nothing will break ever again.

Up&Down system

Oh, those big pots and tall glasses? No worries, they will fit in just fine!
Easy and efficient loading by moving the top basket up or down for more space, as you need it. ...even with the dishes already inside.

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