Washing clothes has never felt easier

Save money in the process, but the savings on our time and effort are just as important. A washing machine is a machine, so it should do everything for us, right? You don’t even have to bother dosing the right amount of detergents before each cycle.

More steam


Washing and drying the laundry with a steam programme. No need to iron.
The steam during the washing cycle penetrates the textile fibres, loosens them up and removes germs. Creases are gone and the laundry becomes soft and gentle to touch. It’s also clean and smells great, since bacteria and mites are killed. Hence: the bad odours are removed wat the root cause. This is great for allergy sufferers and those who just hate ironing.

Ready In... function

Washed clean and dry just on time.
The washing and drying cycle ends as programmed by the user. You don’t have to worry about how long a programme takes. The finished laundry will be ready when you get home.

Everyday 58’ programme

Full and effective washing or drying in under one hour.
Convenience and time savings every day. 58 minutes is enough for a load of laundry to be clean. Not forgetting the drying: a stable low temperature of approx. 50°C makes the laundry thoroughly dry without damaging the fibres to make the garment last longer.

Perfectly good wash


Forgot to put something in? Add more laundry even if the machine’s already washing.
Laundry can be added for 70-80% of the programme duration. We don’t mean just socks either, larger pieces of clothing can be added too! This is convenient indeed.


The feature automatically doses the detergent depending on the type and quantity of laundry.
It’s more convenient and thrifty! We only need to add detergents to the dispenser once every 20 cycles or so. The washing machine sets the processing parameters as required and doses the right amounts of detergent.

Aqua Dose

A dedicated water dispenser for tumble dryers. Works precisely and conveniently.
A specially shaped neck provides easy access to the dryer water intake, while a vent prevents the water from bubbling and spilling.

Efficiency and savings

A+++ energy rating

Less power consumed, more savings generated!
The A+++ energy rating generates savings each year equivalent to 3344 raspberry shakes blended, 88 washing cycles, or 2090 minutes of vacuum cleaning for the same money on electricity bills.

LogicDrive 2.0 motor

So quiet and so many savings every day.
The state-of-the-art LogicDrive motor runs with very little noise, boasts a very long service life and reduces power consumption. It is a pure joy to use with great savings on clean washing.

DrySensor system

Automatic drying control.
An array of humidity and temperature sensors adjusts and the optimum drying conditions to the type of laundry reduces the processing time while drying is under way if possible. This optimises energy efficiency and safety of drying the laundry.

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