Amica supports the Blue Wave in aiding individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

20th May 2024 / 11:01

In March, the seventh edition of the Blue Wave, a charity run held on the fields of the Enea Stadium and the paths of Marcelin Forest, took place. The event, which is guided by the motto "I run, I understand, I help," focuses on promoting physical activity...

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Amica Group reviews 2023, finalises new long-term development strategy

20th May 2024 / 10:56

Amica Group, Poland's largest domestic appliance manufacturer, felt the weakening of consumer demand across Europe last year, like the rest of the industry. However, Amica took adaptive actions and invested in efficiency, which allowed it to achieve better...

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Auction winners of WOŚP at Amica experienced the highest appliance warehouse and participated in Italian culinary workshops.

20th May 2024 / 10:54

Amica Group’s support for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has become a tradition. For the 32nd finale of WOŚP, five double invitations to Italian culinary workshops and a tour of the factory and high-bay warehouse of a leading European appliance manufacturer...

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Amica revolutionises the induction hob manufacturing market with the introduction of InkJet digital printing technology.

20th May 2024 / 10:47

Amica Group has embarked on an ambitious project aimed at introducing new technology for marking induction hobs. The project, supported by the National Centre for Research and Development, concluded successfully, introducing a completely new technology to...

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