The latest Amica X-type arrivals featuring industry breakthrough conveniences include:

 An Amica BakingPro System® oven: the market’s only model with, OpenUp!® automatic door opening, excellent temperature distribution and stability, the shortest time to heat (150⁰C in merely 3 minutes), the largest tray capacity, and the XXL capacity (77 litres);

 A Touchless gesture controlled hood;

 An intuitive hob;

 A warming drawer;

 A compact microwave-enabled oven;

 A space management refrigerator;A wine cooler: something completely new in the portfolio, the wine cooler was launched in all stores in Poland at the end of February 2019, with great commercial success. This is the latest addition to the all-new X-type appliance line.

“We continue to work on keeping the product range full. Last year, Amica focused specifically on BI appliances, addressed to the most exacting consumer groups. We wanted to provide kitchen appliances in a single design line. We also wanted to enable consumers to fit out a high-tech kitchen with Amica appliances sharing a consistent, harmonious and contemporary design. Amica’s latest portfolio features all-new appliances, including wine coolers and warming drawers,” Piotr Skubel explains, Vice-president for Amica Group and CEO of Amica Handel i Marketing.

Amica strives to stay close to everyone using its appliances. Amica monitors the consumer group by ethnographic survey, draws conclusions from the insights into their needs and responds by launching new solutions that help solve the problems of daily life.

Continuous growth: Kitchen Furniture Studios

KFS is a sales channel used by leading global brands. It is very specific and shaped by extremely demanding consumers who buy custom-made kitchen fitouts and expect specific BI kitchen appliances to match their projects. Amica continues to meet this challenge year by year by expanding its product range to provide consumers with the maximum choice of appliances and technical solutions within a package and matching their individual needs and lifestyle choices.

“The latest BI appliance line, Amica X-type, will help Amica reaffirm its position in the KFS sector. This business objective naturally follows on from the strategy launched last year, highlighted by the opening of a showroom unlike anything in Poland. To achieve the objective, it was necessary to achieve a wide BI product portfolio that was not limited to the most popular appliances, like ovens, hobs and hoods. The market launch of wine coolers, warming drawers and other appliance types is about empowering Amica’s consumers with the freedom to design their kitchens and choose the appliances that make even the most demanding of them happy,” Tomasz Pietrzyk says, PR Manager for Amica Group.