Amica, Poland’s largest home appliance manufacturer, in 2018 came close to 3 billion PLN in consolidated revenue, according to the preliminary estimates published today. The data indicate a 10% increase in year-to-year revenue, a 6% increase in operating profits (resulting in 152 million PLN), and a 13% increase in gross profits, which reached 136.6 million PLN.

“We have managed to secure a satisfactory growth in Amica's results in a demanding business environment. It seems that we have reached the objective of breaking the limit of an annual 200 million PLN EBITDA, given the deprecation in the previous quarters. We are happy to see this return to profitability levels in Q4, and this gives us a positive feeling about this year’s results,” Wojciech Kocikowski says, Vice-president of Amica Group for Financial Affairs.

The audited and final financial results will be published in the statement account of the Amica Group on 29 March. In respecting the shareholders’ expectations, the Group intends to continue publishing preliminary annual financial estimates every year.