Amica revealed a unique line of built-in kitchen appliances: Amica X-type. The new arrivals featured ovens with automatic door opening and gesture controlled kitchen hoods, plus more. The Amica X-Type project was developed from extensive market research, including ethnographic surveys where consumers were able to operate home products in real-life settings and helped define the actual needs and expectations for such appliances.

Ovens with Amica BakingPro System™

BakingPro System™ is a package of new functionalities designed specifically to improve the quality of baking. The foundation of this solution is the revised oven design. Precision heat distribution, stable temperature, the fastest rapid preheating functionality (150°C in 3 minutes), 6 baking levels, a large tray and the XXL oven capacity (77 litres) help us cook more, faster, better and easier. Another highlight of Amica’s latest offering is the Steam System™ cooking with FullSteam or SoftSteam, as required. The FullSteam oven is the right choice for those savvy about steam cooking. A purpose-designed steam generator manages the supply of steam during the whole oven cycle, while predefined steam cooking programmes developed by a professional chef suggest the perfect cooking parameters for the food. SoftSteam is for those just beginning their kitchen adventures with steam cooking. The two steam oven types provide better cooking results than traditional ovens: bread with a crispy crust, puffy and velvet-textured cakes and hot food that is juicy beyond compare.

OpenUp!™ automatic oven door opening

A great highlight is OpenUp!™, an all-new function to greatly improve the ease of oven use. With this innovative feature the oven open by itself. When we are carrying a heavy tray in both hands, we pray for someone to come and open the oven. The oven door responds by opening automatically. A gentle touch to the door handle is enough to automatically open the oven door. Even a tap with an elbow when both hands are busy is enough. The breakthrough convenience greatly improves the ergonomics of using the oven like nothing else, and makes work in the kitchen so much easier.

Touchless gesture controlled hood

The gesture-controlled kitchen hood is the technology of tomorrow brought to our homes today. No remote control. No touch required. Hand gestures are all we need to start the kitchen hood, adjust its power or operate its lights. The breakthrough Touchless feature does not require us to leave what we are doing to adjust the controls with greasy or floury hands. This means less cleaning and fewer fingerprints on the shiny hood. The hood features the FrameOn circumferential slotted extraction system as well as three LED lamps to illuminate the worktop and the rest of the kitchen. This greatly improves the way we can work in the kitchen while also providing a unique visual effect. The new hood makes much less noise than previous models. If better air quality is our thing, the Amica X-type kitchen hood with SmellFree ozone generator is the answer, dispelling bad odours and vapours containing toxic chemicals, the typical by-products of frying. The SmellFree ozone generator combats mould and bacteria, too.

Intuitive-control induction hobs

Amica X-type hobs with Hob&Go detect when and where a pot is placed, and turn on the heating where it is needed. The square-shaped FlexiSpace hobs provide more room for pots and pans, at a higher power than traditional counterparts. The CheckPot feature makes it easy to see if the pot type is compatible with induction cooking. The AutoBridge feature merges the hobs to enable cooking in very large pots. PowerBooster is another highlight feature which reduces the cooking time. It can bring water to boil in 3 minutes! Amica provides 3 predefined programmes for daily use: 42°C (the perfect temperature for melting chocolate and butter), 70°C (for heating up soups and sauces) and 94°C (for cooking rice and pasta). Designed with parents in mind is the ProBaby System™, providing a lock for the control panel to prevent small children from switching on the hob or changing its settings. The HeatControl option keeps the hob fields highlighted while still hot after use. The control panel shows “H” when the temperature is above 60°C, and a small “h” when the temperature is between 45 and 60°C.

Compact ovens and warming drawers

Stressful working conditions or small kitchen spaces? Amica X-type appliances are great solutions. The multi-functional BI appliances, including a compact microwave-enabled oven, is very convenient for every small kitchen that needs a microwave along with a fully-functional oven. The compact ovens feature ring heaters, predefined baking programmes, time or weight-controlled defrosting, and delayed start to begin cooking at the time we need. The control panel lock is a standard feature to prevent inadvertent changing of the settings while cooking. Another highlight among the latest arrivals to the appliance line is the warming drawer, for keeping plates and other crockery warm. It can also be used to defrost products, make wholesome home-made yoghurt or melt chocolate for a sweet coating. The warming drawer is intended for anyone seeking state-of-the-art and unique appliances; it has been designed with kids in mind, to allow them to safely prepare their favourite sweet treats.

Refrigerators with Amica SpaceManagement System™

The smart solutions from Amica include easy food storage space management for keeping products at the right temperature and preventing food wastage. A double-sided bamboo wood board for wine and cheese is a convenient refrigerator option, allowing them to be served straight to the table: on the same board. The board has another use: the purpose-made grooves help secure wine and other drink bottles. The SnackBox is yet another interesting and convenient feature. It is a movable box with a lid that is perfect for refrigerating kids’ snacks or, when needed, medical or cosmetic products that require low storage temperatures. The freezer also facilitates product to be organised by type: the freezer drawers are colour-coded grey for frozen fruits, vegetables and ice cream, graphite for pierogies, fries, pizza or bread, and red for meat and fish.

Wine coolers with Amica VinoOptima System™ and Amica ComfortUse System™

We do not have to be certified connoisseurs to fully appreciate the subtle variations in wine bouquet at home. The Amica VinoOptima System™ wine coolers allow us to store different types of this noble drink at the right temperatures. Amica wine coolers also feature dark-tinted door glass and internal LED lights to prevent exposing the wine to harmful UV light. The electronic temperature control system maintains the optimum internal humidity level. ComfortUse System™ is a comprehensive solution which features low-noise operation, reversible doors and wooden shelves. The pliability of the latter reduces any vibrations that might spoil the taste of the wine, while the natural wood grain adds a touch of refinement to the wine cooler and the room it is used in.