Amica Group, a manufacturer of home appliances on 60+ markets around the world, signed a licensing agreement with Fagor S.Coop. to market large home appliances under the Fagor brand. Fagor is a brand renowned in Spain. The licensing agreement will help Fagor make a great comeback to its homeland — with state-of-the-art products of superior quality. The licensing agreement is another stepping stone for Amica’s sales growth in Europe. Fagor S.Coop will remain the owner of the Fagor brand.

Fagor will be another brand in Amica’s portfolio. Amica, a manufacturer which enjoys great recognition and applies its tremendous experience, will help Fagor return to the markets and maintain its significant brand recognition. Fagor’s comeback will feature a slew of state-of-the-art and smart products designed by prioritising useful features and ergonomics.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those who led the negotiations over the licensing agreement: Piotr Skubel and Alina Jankowska-Brzóska. Thank you for your commitment, professional approach and contribution to this success. Spain is among the few markets in Europe where Amica has not been present on a level on par with Amica’s plans and ambitions. Fagor’s brand recognition in Spain equals that of Amica in Poland. Hence, the entry to Spain is very promising with a great perspective for Amica to increase its market share on the Iberian Peninsula. We are extremely happy with the success of our deal with Fagor. Now we can deliver on our plans for expansion in Western Europe. I am confident that the licensing agreement with Fagor will successfully revive the brand in Spain and contribute to continued growth of the Amica group”, Jacek Rutkowski, President of Amica Group, says.

In recent years, Amica has highlighted its innovation-driven position among competing home appliance manufacturers with a selection of genuine solutions, which include the BakingPro System™, which improves the quality of baking and convenience of operating the ovens. The all-new design of the oven chamber provides precise distribution of heat, stable temperatures and fast pre-heating. The FullSteam and SoftSteam baking systems use steam to preserve most of the vitamins and valuable nutrients in steam-processed food. The latest Amica ovens feature one of the largest capacities on the market (the XXL Capacity). This helps cook very large roasts, or fit more trays of biscuits or muffins on the shelves. Yet another innovation from the Amica Group is OpenUp!™, or automatic oven door opening, a great relief to all who like to cook in ovens. This groundbreaking feature opens the oven door with only a gentle touch to the sensor, even with an elbow when both hands are busy. This feature greatly improves the convenience and safety of operating the oven.

Among the multitude of useful solutions featured in the home appliances in the Amica Group portfolio include the Vit Control Plus fridge drawers (which inhibit the spoiling of food), the WaterSpinner spray arm in dishwashers (which optimises the orientation of the water jets for perfect washing results), and the steam processing solutions in SteamTouch series washing machines and tumble dryers.

Investments into local European brands are a pillar of HIT2023, a consistently delivered strategy of the Amica Group. Amica is very committed to the geographic diversity of the portfolio and has great experience in developing brands on new markets. One of the latest acquisitions includes CDA, a brand in the United Kingdom.